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removed flooring from a bedroom

Removing Flooring After Water Damage

Restoring Flooring After Water Damage

SERVPRO of North Riverside City removed the flooring from this bedroom after suffering water loss. We placed air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out the affected areas of the home.

wet carpet in a bedroom

Mitigating Wet Carpet

Soaking wet carpet can quickly lead to mold damage in your California home. SERVPRO of North Riverside City is here to help 24/7, 365 after water losses. We know time is of the essence to prevent secondary damage. 

a plastic sheet on a wall with blue tape

What is Containment?

Containment is the process of separating the affected area from the unaffected areas. This helps to prevent the spreading of damage within the property. SERVPRO of North Riverside has a crew of experts who can perform containment. 

Sewage Back Up

Sewage backup isn't fun for anyone involved! SERVPRO of North Riverside City has a team of licensed professionals who can handle any dirty job. We are here to help 24/7, 365. Call us today!

Under the Sink Mold

Under the sink is a common place for mold to go unnoticed. Where there is moisture and warmth, there will be microbial growth. SERVPRO of North Riverside City is here to help remove mold from your home! 

Mold In Bottom Cabinets

Mold was lingering for months on the back wall of the cabinetry in this Riverside, CA home. SERVPRO of North Riverside City arrived to the home to begin mold remediation services immediately. Mold should only be treated by a licensed professional.